Maria Elizabeth Estrada

Tejana | she/her | I love to create

A little bit about me.

At the seasoned age of 25, I'm looking for a life of creation for creation's sake. If that gets me a few extra dollars here and there then so be it (please, God). I'm a writer and an aspiring filmmaker plus I also have some graphic design under my belt. I want to get my voice out there however I can. Funny enough, I also actually have a good singing voice, so if worse comes to worst and the other ventures fail, I can just Bob Dylan it and make my way that way. Something safe, you know? 

I'm also a lover of film, movies, and cinema. I am AMC Nicole Kidman every time I step into a theater or, hell, even just queuing up Hedwig and the Angry Inch for the 387th time on my laptop. I can talk for hours about body horror, queer cinema, the 90s Independent American Cinema movement, Chicano film, Golden Age musicals and much more with myself and even others! As a human being, I'm a consumer and lover of all art in general, and I love examining the interactions of different mediums and how they're vital to one another.